We will attempt to make an agreement — an agreement of an artistic practice that you will engage in. We will bring our unique experiences together and attempt to meet at a common point.  Let us negotiate and see if we arrive to an agreement.


Status of Agreements as of 25 November 2012:

  • Seven agreements have been fulfilled.

  • Three agreements are unfulfilled.

  • No agreement is active in the practice phase.

  • No agreement is active in the documentation phase.

  • Three agreements are available for sale

To learn more about making an agreement, please go to the Contact page.


Make an Agreement at the Beursschouwburg

The Agreement Project made its second public offering at the Beursschouwburg in the frame of I Fail Good .  An additional four agreements were  available under the title Make an Agreement at the opening on 5 & 6 October 2012.

For more information:  www.beursschouwburg.be


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